Fish Catches Legal Fish Sizes

Fish Catches Legal Fish Sizes – The laws governing the minimum sizes for landing sea fish are laid down by the EU.

Additionally in the UK we have regional bodies called IFCA’s (Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authorities) who can set higher minimum sizes for their region than the EU regulations dictate


   Species    Sussex Minimum Size    Notes
   Whiting    27cm
   Cod    35cm
   Herring    20cm
   Pollack    30cm
   Saithe    35cm
   Mackerel    20cm
   Horse Mackerel    15cm
   Sardine    11cm
   Plaice    27cm
   Ling    63cm
   Hake    27cm
   Bass    42cm
   Dover Sole    24cm
   Megrim    20cm
   Lobster    87mm    carapace length
   Edible Crab    140mm    carapace width
   Velvet Crab    65mm    carapace width
   Spider Crab (Male)    130mm    carapace length
   Spider Crab (Female)    120mm    carapace length

Source: Minimum Sizes – Sussex IFCA

Landing Bans

In addition to the minimum sizes stated above the following species are protected by law:

  1. European (Silver) Eels MUST be returned.
  2. Tope MUST be returned.
  3. Shad MUST be returned.
  4. It is proposed that Monkfish are to be protected soon.

Conservation Recommendations

  1. Undulate Ray are endangered and return is recommended.
  2. Porbeagle Shark are endangered and return is recommended.
  3. Spurdog are endangered and return is recommended.

we respect the laws and recommendations above vigorously and in addition it is our policy to return all Conger Eels to preserve the stocks on our wrecks.

We also encourage the return of all fish that are not destined for the table and remind our customers that it is ILLEGAL to SELL  your catch.


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