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Dive FeCamp – Visit the French fishing town of Fe’camp, This beautiful French fishing village which is situated to the eastern end of the Seine Bay has been a favorite stop over for visiting mariners for centuries. Today this town on the Normandy coast is alive to the hustle and bustle for the French tourist industry, as one of their favourite getaways. It also pays host to the many visiting boats from Holland, Belgium, UK &Scandinavia. It gets so busy in the summer months that it is almost impossible to get a berth for the night.

GrandPavois   FecampHarbourViewAnglettere

    The Grand Pavois                                        Harbour View from Pavois.                                  Hotel D’Angletterre

ProgressThere is plenty of accommodation available, French or  English, and the Hotel D’Anglettere with its English bar is a  favourite. There is also a camp site, 10 minutes from the  harbour, which has static & mobile homes for hire or you  can pitch your tent. There are also plenty of restaurants and  bars to choose from , Chinese, Indian,Italian, French but no  English. There are even a couple of kebab take aways next  to the harbour, but one of our favorites is The Progress, a  French restaurant which over looks the harbour and  specialises in sea food, its great value for money.  

The Progress Restaurant a local favourite for great seafood.

BenedictineNight life – there are some late night bars and there is also a  Casino & night club on the sea front to the western end of  the promenade which stays open until the early hours.  Fe’Camp  is home to the Benedictine monastery, where the  Benedictine wine is produced, visitors are welcomes for  guided tours and some sampling. As well as being a major  fishing port with a fresh fish market, Fe’camp is full of  history, which can be seen all around. If you look high up on  the cliff tops you can still see all the remnants of the German  gun enplacemmants from the 2nd WW, and up in the town  center there is a memorial to the fallen.



After your day’s diving & exploration, relax and take in the late afternoon sunshine at one of the town’s many café’s & bars that overlook the harbour, all of them do meals or snacks to help you soak up that cold beer or glass of wine.


The wreck diving on this part of the Normandie coast can be fantastic and Fe’Camp gives excellent access to the many WW1 & WW2 shipwrecks dotted along this Normandie coastline, the diving is quite challenging and can be very demanding. We offer 2 wreck dives per day whilst in France, tides & times permitting, and one dive on the dys that we cross the channel.

During the 2nd World War, Fe’camp was used by the Germans as a midget submarine base where many successful missions were carried out. successful missions were carried out. From FeCamp we will venture West into the Bay de Seine or North to the offshore wrecks in the Channel, Or maybe heading Eastwards towards St Valery.

The diving around Fe’camp can range from a depth of 20 meters – 50 metres, depending on the experience of the divers on the trip, and the wrecks you will be diving will be mainly from the 1st and 2nd World Wars. However there are many from before & after the wars.

There are lots of unknown targets that we have still to look at and groups willing to be adventurous diving guinea pigs the results can be rewarding

There are lots of wrecks to choose from when diving over in Normandie, many unidentified and most very rarely dived. The marine life is absolutely incredible, teaming with fish, crabs, lobsters, and free swimming congers. The only thing is, the reason that there is so much to see and look at, is because the French have a strict law which states, that no one shall, whilst diving with aqualung remove anything from the seabed or especially from any ship wreck, be it metal or edible. And this is a strict rule which applies to everyone, so please

DouanesFranceslook don’t touch.


Hotel Grand Pavois

Hotel D’Angletterre.

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