Brighton Sea Fishing

Brighton Sea Fishing offers a great range of species to catch including Cod, Pollack, Ling, Turbot, Brill, Skate,  Plaice, Bream, Bass, Mackerel & Conger Eels. You travel to the Fishing Banks & the English Channel Shipwrecks aboard the Channel Diver for a full day off fishing. 

Pollack fishing starts early season with the start of their arrival off the Brighton coast from mid January – April in good size & numbers & these fish can be caught all season as they stay around til late October. We fish for Pollack drifting the wrecks with artificial lures, red gills, jelly worms & shads attached to a French boom with a 10oz lead on the bottom to give it all a bit of weight and stability. Lower your lure slowly to the seabed as we approach the wreck then wind up 15-30 turns to attract the fish and repeat the process if no takes. We continue to do this as we drift up to, over & away from the wreck as the fish sit in front, behind as well as in the wrecks.


Anglers must phone the night before at 7pm to check everything is still good to go.

Fishing Charter Rates

 Fishing Trips from Brighton Marina & Sovereign Harbour Eastbourne

Whole Boat Booking – Inshore Reefs & Banks : 8am – 4pm – Max 10 Anglers – £750

Whole Boat Booking – Offshore Turbot & Wreck Fishing : 7am – 4pm – Max 10 Anglers – £950

Includes Equipment but not End Tackle, Lures or Leads



4hr Bass, Plaice, Bream & Mackerel Fishing Trips

8am – 12noon or 1pm – 5pm : Max 10 Anglers £450

Includes Equipment but not Bait


Terms & Conditions.

 In the event of a cancellation due to adverse weather we will re-book another date

Brighton Marina Sea Fishing Charters

Phone 01273 301142

Boat 07970 674799


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