Waterland SS


The SS Waterland was originally named the SS Gaasterland when she was requisitioned for the Shipping & Coals Co. Weighing in at 1091Gross Tons, 69mtrs in length with a beam 11mtrs and draft 5mtrs & was powered by her Triple Expansion Engine. 

It was on 10th March 1941 when the SS Waterland was in convoy & enroute from Sunderland to Cowes on the Isle of Wight with a cargo of coals that she struck a mine some 10 nautical miles to the South West of Dungeness point. 7 crew were killed. The other 2 Steamships that were sunk that day were the SPARTA SS, & the CORINIA SS, all sunk due to the minefield.

The wreck of the SS Waterland is approximately 20 nautical miles from Sovereign Harbour Eastbourne and rests right on the edge of the West bound shipping lane in a group of 4 wrecks, 3 are known and 1 is still unidentified. So close to the lanes they are you can hear the engines of other merchant vessels as they head down channel.

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