Seaford Ferry 46-50mtrs

Seaford Ferry


 This beautiful little steamer used to run from Newhaven to Dieppe on the cross channel run, she  was sunk in collision in dense fog with the French  steamer the SS Lyon en route to Newhaven from  Dieppe on 21st August 1895. She was only 250 ft long  and had a beam of 35ft, a little beauty.

The wreck of the Seaford is 30miles from Brighton, she sits upright on a gravel seabed at 46mtrs with the mid section being the most intact with large portholes running down both sides of her, from above you see large pipe work running the length and the deck has a pattern of ceramic tiles on it, the bow & stern have collapsed down but are still recognisable. Known by the local fisherman as the Kingfisher due to the amount of big fish to be found on her, the congers are huge.

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