The Cunard liner Alaunia was on a return voyage from  New York to London on the 19th October 1916 when  she struck a mine laid by the german sub UC16 The  first thing that grabs you about this wreck is the sheer  size of it, at 13,405tons and over 500ft long she is the  largest wreck on the sussex coast. She lays on her  port side and stands 10mtrs high in places.


 The Alaunia has been extensively salvaged and is well  broken from middle to stern. When diving the wreck  the bow section is phenomenal, it lays over at an  angle of 45 degrees and has her port anchor hanging  from its chain, lots of portholes are still in place and  the seabed is a feast for scallops.

Further up the wreck large booms and masts lay strewn across the seabed and in the wreckage, more hatches, skylights and portholes lay in the twisted debris. There is no shortage of marine life, with Pollock, Bass, Congers, Crabs, Lobsters & million of Pout all living onboard. 


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