TR Thompson

 TR Thompson was a 3,538ton armed merchantman,  she was built in 1897 and was 360ft long with a beam  of 47ft. She was armed with a 4.7in gun which was  mounted on stern. Her engine was a 301hp triple  expansion engines and her cargo was 5.600 tons iron  ore. She was sunk on the 29th March 1918 by a single  torpedo from UB57, it struck her on the nose and  opened her up like a tin can, she sank in minutes,  killing 33 of her crew, only 3 survived.

Today the wreck of the TR Thompson sits  upright with her bows pointing to the east  and partially buried, her superstructure has  collapsed down but as you get to the stern, it  sits high about 7mtrs off the seabed. The gun  has now fallen backwards and down to the  seabed, shell cases lay in the wreckage all  fused together. Plenty of fish on this one.

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