City of Brisbane

 She was 451ft long and had a beam of 57ft, It was on  the 13th August 1918 whilst travelling in ballast from  London to Buenos Aires that she became the latest  and last victim of the submarine UB-57.

 This wreck has an impressive bow to her, it stands a   good 6mtrs high and is very intact, under the bow the  keel is clear of the rocky seabed by about a foot. As  you move from the bow towards the stern the wreck  breaks down and becomes a tangled mass of twisted  wreckage, this has enabled marine life to grow and it  has now got loads of dead mans fingers and  anemones living on its exterior, lots of crabs and  various fish now frequent this habitat with big bass in  the summer. As you get to the stern you can see the  remains of a large deck gun laying in the wreckage. This is a good training dive, at low water she is only 24mts to the seabed and about 18mtrs on the top. 

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