The Greek cargo vessel Aristos was built in 1937, She was a huge cargo ship and weighed in at 5189tons. She sank after a collision on 28th August 1967 with the vessel Linde. At the time of loss the two ships were 16nm off Beachy Head in dense fog. The Aristos was carrying unspecified general cargo.

Today the wreck of the Aristos lies 15nm due south of Brighton on the edge of the west bound shipping lane. She rests in a max depth 60mtrs with the top of the bridge at 42mtrs, she sits bolt upright and is incredibly intact.

She has a most impressive bow to her, very shipshape and with her two admiralty anchors still hanging in situ. There is a large split in her side where the collision took place, this is at the engine room area and it is possible to penetrate the wreck through this large opening, but do take care and line off as things can silt up pretty quickly.

The bridge area is also very interesting as you can swim along the companion ways and through the cabins and enter the bridge, large windows allow easy access.

The Aristos has 2 masts, the front mast lays across the wreck but the stern mast is still standing tall and reaching up to 36mtrs, as you get to the stern if you drop over the back you will see the stern gear still place.

This is an awesome dive but best done when the visibility is good inshore.

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