Dive Normandy

Dive Normandy & Stay shorebased in France, Dive from one of the many harbours along the Normandy coast line between Dieppe in the East to Cherbourgh in the West. We operate from a choice of 4 harbours, Dieppe, Fe’Camp, Port en Bessin, & Cherbourgh.

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September is felt to be the best time as the French holidays will just have finished so plenty of accommodation at lower prices, also cheaper ferry costs as it will have just gone out of season & the diving is pretty good as vis is usually very good in Sept/Oct.

Our Expeditions to Normandy have proved very popular with groups looking for something different and unique! Two World Wars and the D-Day landings have left the French coast from Cherbourg to Dieppe littered with interesting and seldom dived wrecks.

There are old steamships, troopships, merchant men, landingcraft , U-boats and Destroyers, some complete, covered with fish and some still standing a massive twenty metres! The Empire Broadsword, Susan B Anthony and the LST 523 with her cargo of Sherman tanks, are among three of the finest inshore wrecks in the Seine Bay!

Reccommended reading D-Day Wrecks of Normandy by Mark James


The Seine Bay is well protected from South and West prevailing winds. Visibility is generally good, 12-15 metres is common in August, September & October, and most D Day wreck sites are in the twenty five to forty metres depth range with many of the offshore wrecks in the region dating back to World War 1.

Days can be long but enjoyable and it is often possible to do two wreck dives a day (lock times & tide tides permitting).

We offer two holiday options. Option 1, you cross the English Channel on Channel Diver, diving on the way across and on the way back or Option 2, you can take the ferry and join the boat in France.



~~~~~~NORMANDIE TRIPS 2019~~~~~~

April 14th – 17th 4 Day Dieppe Trip

June 12th – 16th 5 Day D-Day Trip

June 26th – 28th 3 Day Dieppe or FeCamp Trip

August 19th – 23rd 5 Day Dieppe Trip

October 7th – 11th 5 Day Dieppe or FeCamp or Port en Bessin Trip

If you are organising a trip GET YOUR DEPOSITS straight away to save trouble down the line.


Option 1.

Dieppe, Fe’Camp, Courseulles, Port en Bessin, St Vaast La Hogue & Cherbourgh.

We operate 3-5 day diving holidays to Dieppe, Fe’Camp, Cherbourgh, St Vaast, Port en Bessin & Courcelles, These trips leave from Brighton Marina on a Monday morning & return Friday afternoon’s, we dive mid-channel en route to France and on the way back to Brighton. When you arrive in Normandy, you check into one of the hotels close to the harbour. Whilst in France we try and do 2 wreck dives a day, if tides and times permit. The diving depths range from the mid 20’s to 55mtrs for the mid-channel wrecks, but most of the Normandie wrecks are in the 25-40mtr range.

All trips are priced based on 10 divers max as this is best for space & comfort. Onboard compressor supplying AIR Only, if you want Nitrox then you bring the Oxygen by arrangement.

We can suggest accommodation, in either hotels or gites recommended by previous guests but you book your own accommodation and payment of deposits are the club/groups responsibility.


Courseulles, Port en Bessin & St Vaast La Hogue.

As all the harbours have lock gates, this greatly restricts access into & out off these harbours to 2 hours before HW and 30mins after HW, and although we try and do 2 wreck dives per day, some days it is not possible as the LW morning dive will mean leaving harbour in the very early hours & before the harbour dries out, in these cases we only get to dive the HW slack and the dive time must be restricted to allow us access back into harbour.

With Option 1, If the weather blows on your first day and it is deemed to rough to cross the channel then the trip will be delayed until the weather improves. Sometimes this also means a possible change of Harbour to operate from. This may play havoc with booked accomodation. That is why we also have Option 2.

Please remember that if we get blown out on any days when we are away there are no refunds – the charter is taken for the duration and not individual diving days.






Option 2.

Dieppe, Fe’Camp.

Staying shorebased in France. Channel Diver will be based in either Fe’Camp or Dieppe, this is due to all states of the tide access to the harbours so we can do 2 wreck dives a day. Dive groups can travel from the UK to France by either LD Lines from Newhaven, Brittany Ferries from Portsmouth or Condor Ferries from Poole, and then drive to your appropriate destination, or if prefer take the train through the channel tunnel and then drive round from Calais.

On your arrival in Normandy, you check into one of the hotels or gites close to the harbour.

Depending on your plans, you can arrange to meet the boat on the afternoon/evening before the first days charter, to ready & prepare for diving the following morning.

Parking is available close by in all harbours.

After 6 days diving the Normandy wrecks, the charter finishes around midday of the last day.

We can suggest accommodation, in either hotels or gites recommended by previous guests but you book your own travel and accommodation and payment of deposits are the club/groups responsibility.

Groups will be required to bring all their own Diving Equipment & you must arrive with full cylinders as it will not be possible to fill any cylinders before the first dive as time will not permit. Onboard compressor supplying AIR Only.

Essentials: Don’t forget your Passports, Euro’s & European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), which gives you NHS medical cover in Europe, available from your local post office F.O.C..

Normandie price list.

A booking is only confirmed once a deposit of £1000 has been received, and the balance is due 8 weeks prior to the start of the trip. if you decide to cancel your booking it is your resposibility to find a replacement charterer for your booking otherwise full amount payable.

Please remember that if we get blown out there are no refunds – the charter is taken for the duration and not individual diving days.

These are not just diving holidays but holidays with diving, when it is not possible to go to sea and dive we reccommend you take the opportunity and visit the local sights, war museums and battlefields and try to experience the atmosphere WW1 & WW2

Terms & Conditions

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